Quit Smoking - Cold Turkey (Lite Version) App Reviews

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I quit smoking 3 weeks ago. I had already quit smoking when I got this app. This app is motivating me to stay smoke free. Every time I want a smoke, I open the app add see just how much money I have saved in just 3 weeks by not smoking. That keeps me from bumming a cig and getting started again!


Id be more upset about the constant misspellings and text that overruns its boxes everywhere, but it is free after all and does what it says better than most quit-smoking apps.


Dont buy if you are looking to quit. Only beneficial to those that have already quit.

dont waste your time.

really, dont waste your time, or your money.. this app is completely useless.

Great app if you recently quit!

I got this app 5 days after I quit and it has helped me stay smoke free. People who are trying to quit might not find it as helpful.


Did an illiterate 12 year old write this app? Riddled with typos and illogical sentences. It takes nerve to charge money for something thats not even proofread. Dont buy this.


If youre going to write a smoking cessation app, it might help if you learned how to spell "cigarette" first. What is this - a school science fair project? Boo to the App Store for approving this for sale, PARTICULARLY when its description says that its free. It would still be a waste if it paid us to use it! F!

You just gotta want to quit.

Its so sad to read the negative reviews. Dont buy this if youre not ready to quit - anything you do wont work anyway. I love this app, it helped me tremendously and so far I am 105 days smoke free! It would be to cool to have more helpful hints, but by the time you page through them, your craving is gone. I love to see how much money I saved and how many days I quit. So if youre ready, really ready to call it quits - good for you. Youre worth the app.

Dont pay for this

Ive been trying out different "quit apps" and I found this to be a waste. I wish I could get my .99 back. First of all, you cant change the birthdate. The only date it would accept was the current date. Then, as another reviewer noted "cigarette" is spelled incorrectly. There are about 5 "motivational pictures" that repeat. Really not worth it. Get myquitcoach. Its much better and its free.

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